Other Voices Theatre, a community theatre known for its professional feel, announced today a revolutionary concept in the world of theater. With the recent surge in musicals featuring animal-like characters, Other Voices has decided to bring their own spin on the classic musicals like CATS, Spongebob, and Spiderman with three new original musicals starring completely non-human casts. Introducing:

Meowler on the Roof
A Musical Crab-bag Revue of Fred Astaire

After reading multiple submissions, Artistic Director Susan Thornton said these three selections have “all the koalafications to really engage with the audience, I was quacking up just reading them! We really want the animal community to feel like they have a place on our stage – plus, we’re excited for the possibility of potential partnerships.”

Lee Hebb, chair of the OVT season selection committee added that “these plays are the sealist thing I’ve ever heard. We were thinking about doing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof but felt it was too literal. Plus, we heard another company had already tried to do a production but audience members left the theatre very confused after watching a cat just sit on a roof for two hours.”

Audience members may remember OVT tried last year to bring a popularly backed cat season to Frederick but ran into difficulty with the Cactors Equity Association when we couldn’t provide enough catnip as per contract. “It was a catastrophe,” Susan said. “This year, however, the past is completely irrelephant. We’re otterly prepared for the upcoming season.”

When asked for comment, the resident costume designer had just one thing to say: “It’s going to be pandamonium.”

Season subscriptions will go on sale in the near future; audience members will be required to sign a no-petting waiver upon entrance to the theatre. If you have any leads on singing owls, cats, or crabs, please get in touch with Sean Byrne, Director of Advancement.

While this is an April Fools joke, the amazing cast of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is not. Grab your tickets today!

Stay tuned for Other Voices’ actual season announcement in just a few weeks!

Support OVT Other Voices is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization. Like all non profits, there are never enough funds to handle everything and a new expense is always around the corner. We rely heavily on the support and generosity of local businesses and individuals to help make our projects a success.